A Webmaster That Is Employed Outside Of Your Business Will Create And Maintain You Website

Once we have designed and created your website you may need a webmaster

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We can come to a website services maintenance agreement. You can decide how much participation you want in this whole website experience. You can pay an hourly rate for one-off updates or changes, or a monthly rate for complete web maintenance solutions which can include SEO.

Our customers vary from eager, to “you just do it, I just want it done”. As your webmaster, we will let you know in our first meeting, what processes are needed to run a website and it will be entirely up to you. You can bow in or out at any time, we are happy to oblige.

If we have built you an html website, it’s fair to say the maintenance will be fairly low, except for information changes. If it’s WordPress, updates are a way of life. Whether it’s core WordPress or plugins, it’s critical to stay on top on top of these updates for bug fixes and security updates. If you have an e-commerce website, we have extensive experience in that area too, both design and maintenance so we are more than happy to help you give the services you need to succeed.

Google has many algorithms to decide what is a good and a bad website and are happy to have a look at your current website and see how it fares. We can recommend on social media connections, how they work and how to add them on your website. There are some quick fixes that are OK and others that are complete no nos. Contact us to arrange an assessment. It doesn’t have to be face to face, we can work with any medium today.

We will maintain your website and make sure it is up to speed. Each time a change in Google policies or procedures, we will make sure you know and we will take care of it for you. If a radical change comes in as it did a few years back with responsive websites, you will hear it first from us.

Front End Web Developers

What does a Front-End  Web Developer do?

A front-end developer links together the world of design and technology, packaging up the utility of the back end in an inviting way for users to interact with. They take website design files and convert them into HTML, JavaScript (JS) and/or CSS code – the core elements of front-end development. This includes design/layout, content, buttons, images, navigation, and internal links.

Everything a user sees, clicks, or uses to input or retrieve information on a website is the work of a front-end developer. This takes being both creative and tech-savvy. Their focus is on user experience, and the technology they implement hinges on how well it will accomplish that efficiency, speed, and smooth functionality. They also make sure that there are no errors or bugs on the front end, and that the design appears as it’s supposed to across various platforms and browsers.

Typically, a front-end web developer tools are:

  • Prioritizing user experience
  • Bringing a concept to life with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Production and maintenance of websites and web application user interfaces
  • Implementing design for mobile sites
  • Looking at SEO best practices
  • Testing the site for usability and fixing any bugs

This is why you need WANAus Web Design. Years of experience doing hard stuff on websites that you didn’t know had to be done!


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