A Webmaster Will Maintain You Website

Your website has been designed and now you need a webmaster? Don’t panic, we can come to a web maintenance agreement, wherein you can decide how much participation you want in this whole website experience or you can pay an hourly rate for one off updates or changes.

Our customers vary from the gung-ho to you just do it, I don’t want to know. As your wemaster, we will let you know in our initial meeting what is involved in running a website and it will be entirely up to you. You can bow in or out at any time, we are happy to oblige.

If we have built you an html website, it’s fair to say the maintenance will be fairly low, except for information changes. If it’s WordPress, updates are a way of life. Whether it’s core wordpress or plugins, it’s critical to stay on top on top of these updates for bug fixes and security updates. If you have an Ecommerce website, we have extensive experience in that area too, both design and maintenance so we are more than happy to help provide the services you need to succeed.

Google has many algorithms to decide what is a good and a bad website and are happy to have a look at your current website and see how it fairs. We can advise on social media connections, how they work and how to implement them on your website. There are some quick fixes that are OK and others that are complete no nos. Contact us to arrange an assessment. It doesn’t have to be face to face we can work with any medium.


If you require SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, you need to know that it is a marathon, not a race. Endurance is the key so we need to stay on top of it for you to keep your ranking and to adhere to google’s policies and procedures. Contact us today for information in regard to our SEO Services.

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