They wanted improvement and got page one

Kingston Decor have over 30 years experience in the window furnishing industry. They supply quality, bespoke, blinds, curtains and other window treatments  to Hobart. Owner Henry having a background in design, is very capable of making mindful decisions about curtains but he was wise enough to put his website into our hands and is now comfortably on page one of google!

We gave Kingston Decor’s website a breath of life and worked on it’s search engine optimisation. A simple procedure with remarkable results.

It doesn’t take long to do something like this. If you come to the reality that getting to page one takes extra effort and you are tired of trying to do it all yourself, it’s time to reach out. Think of it as  an asset not and expense.


Now the website not only looks good but earns it’s way, bringing in many leads from interested parties as customers can see it. We didn’t resort to google adwords to get there either! call us.

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