Gutenberg is an alternative option, to the current WordPress editor.

Firstly if you are new to WordPress, what is the WordPress editor? (Tiny MCE). The place where you add media, select font size and write your articles and page content.

See below the differences between editors.


Wordpress Tiny MCE


The much-anticipated Gutenberg editor

 Wordpress Gutenburg editor

It will be block-based content as opposed to the particularly free range approach there is now.
Gutenberg replaces the single edit field with lots of separate building blocks.
Like the drag and drop editor blocks, it will help you build more complex designs than those achievable in the current WordPress editor. In time you’ll be able to build your whole site using the new editor. Exciting times for those who don’t know code!

When will Gutenberg be a part of WordPress?

It will not officially become a part of core WordPress, until the next major release – WordPress 5.0.When will WordPress 5.0 come out?…..When it does. It’s scheduled for sometime this year.

You can install the new editor with a plugin. Bare in mind Gutenberg is still in the beta process so I wouldn’t recommend using it on a live site just yet, or until I have lol.

Check out the FAQ for answers to the most common questions about the project.

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